30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Ginkgo_Girly Day 18. A big victory by a small person.

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(I’m handing this one over to Amos aged 9)

First ever race won by me on 18/04/15. A big race. I have actualy have won 3rd and 2nd there before and now 1st . I am actualy realy chuft I won I had to sprint a hole lap aganst a 8 year old (who in my defence is faster than guy martin [on a bike[he is still fast]) called Roan.


I would say that the hardest part was the up down corners I was changing gear on the front 1 2 1 2 1 2 . The sandpit was where I gained ground, I was off, run, on (where dad and Gary were ride crash untangle run on) WP_20150418_14_16_31_Pro

Gary’s crash.

11121774_10153268435091563_785595090823032917_o 11160626_10153268437736563_4092681966672194261_o11154669_10153268437406563_4959764065536843090_o

The downhill before up down corners dad said I was the only one who did not brake.


The last race of the day was the Madison. Which was me and my dad. I did a full lap, then dad did a full lap and so on. It was going pretty well until dad crashed on the last lap. Bit annoying. But it doesn’t really matter cos I have already won a race.

Roan challenged me. Every time he beat me, dad beat his mum. Which I quite like.


It was the best race day ever.

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