30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Another non cycling and non running tale.

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Day 12 through to 14.
Any thoughts of cycling on Sunday were soon banished by the sad news of my father-in-law’s health, which has been poor of late, followed by a dash over Liverpool to drop my wife off at the hospital. He passed away later the same day, surrounded by his close family, rest in peace Mike.

Yesterday was subdued, and telling the kids about their grandfather was not pleasant, but had to be done. Our youngest took it hard, he’s had a hell of a year so far, and this news didn’t help. I know this meant to be about cycling, but real life has got in the way this time.

Late yesterday afternoon though, I managed to combine going to tell my folks the sad news with a bit of a test run. I was hoping to enter the Whinlatter Extreme Duathlon, on this coming Sunday, a challenging 9k fell run, followed by a 30k mountain bike ride, then another 9k trail run to finish, and after not running or cycling last week I fancied a bit of a tester.
The run was nothing special, just 7 miles over my usual roads and trails, and I felt pretty good, I was happy with my stamina and pace, no aches or pains, and my chest felt clear for the first time in a week.

This morning found me struggling though, the tops of both feet were very painful, especially when flexing my toes. I’ve had problems with tendonitis before, and it feels like it has returned, so no running for me until the pain has gone, the end of my Whinlatter Duathlon plans.
I might be planning a little ride out tomorrow though, nothing too strenuous you understand, and entries don’t close until Thursday…

Gary Jackson.

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