30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Day 11, back on the bike.

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After leaving my bike behind on Tuesday morning while I flew to Aberdeen, I have had a four day break from cycling. As ever when this occurs, my intention was to substitute my quality exercise on the bike with a lower form of physical endeavour, namely running. I even failed at this. Tuesday evening found me exhausted. After leaving the house at five o’clock, driving to Leeds Bradford Airport, flying to Aberdeen, then working until past six, by the time I reached the company flat at seven in the evening all I wanted was a hot meal and bed.

Wednesday and Thursday found me coughing and spluttering all day, so my free time was spent in bed, feeling sorry for myself.

Flew back Friday, back home for half past ten, more food and bed.

After a lie in and a few domestic duties I managed to persuade my youngest out for a short ride. He has been suffering with a few anxiety problems this year, and today was only the second time this year that he has ridden his bike, so it was good to see him out and enjoying himself.

I did a little exploring as well, and managed to ride up a hill without coughing a lung out, so things are improving health-wise as well.

IMG_2144 IMG_2145

I’m now looking forward to a week at home, so there is a chance of riding everyday, good preparation for next Sunday’s madness…


Gary Jackson.

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