30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 3 or is it 10 : Relationship blossoms

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I am very excited. Today I am taking my relationship with my bicycle to a new level – we are going to sleep together. I know this might seem quite soon and unexpected, but circumstances are throwing us unavoidably together. I have had to leave the wuthering wilderness of the South Pennines behind and head for the coast in my campervan because it’s technically tricky (and plain silly) to go diving on our spectacular heather moorlands, it’s suicidal (and illegal) to go diving in our remarkable reservoirs and it’s not really advisable (and a bit murky) to go diving in our charismatic canals. So basically I have come to the seaside because I want to go diving; it’s what I do. As I am sleeping in my van on the harbour, I have to sleep with my bike. I won’t tell you where I am as I am sure they have their own tourism-type people who can promote their area, but I have to admit it is rather lovely and faultlessly flat on the coast road.

On my way to the seaside I dipped inland to visit mum and dad. They now rest in peace in one of the area’s most incredible hidden and secret gems – a place of breathtaking beauty that is swathed in solitude and silence, utterly peaceful. It is an area very like the South Pennines with sweeping upland moors, rich in bird song, smelling sweetly of heather with musical strains from tumbling streams. The landscape touches my heart and I would weep even if my parents weren’t scattered here at the place where they were happiest. I have the valley to myself, no cars are allowed. Being on a bike makes me part of the landscape through touch, taste, sound and sight. It seems so odd that we encase ourselves in metal boxes and whizz about missing all this sensory pleasure.

Anyhow…enough of this profound musing. I am not sure whether to give my bike a pillow and a corner of the duvet. Being a novice, this sort of thing is all new to me.

WP_20150410_008 (1)

I hope no one notices its a different bike – I don’t want to seem like a loose woman.

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