30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Day 7. Riding with the runners

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This evening we had the opportunity to ride out with the Stadium Runners MTB group, AKA the Stadium Riders. After a glorious weekend, but not having ridden as a family; it was a no brainer. The logistics of me riding to work, Mr P getting the small person to granny day care and hand over in time to rendezvous with the group were finalised and I left for work on Bob at 6.30am.  The fallen tree had been cleared, so a dry run with all new drive chain and no ice spikes made for a great commute.

The work day from hell couldn’t have ended soon enough (over 3 hours of my life on the phone to broadband technical support) so with joyess abandon I left to meet Saul at rendezvous point one. Have I mentioned Saul is quite fit? Sadly no junior riders were at this point so it was at a fair pace we set off. I still feel that a single speed 29er is fair game for a luggaged rigid 26″. So it must have been my mudguards that slowed me down.

Once we had regrouped, it was 10 riders who set off along the Huddersfield narrow canal towards Marsden.


There were plenty of people out and about, including some open water swimmers at Sparth Reservoir. (nutters, not even a wetsuit in sight)


We rode on into Marsden, with riders occasionally straying from the path to explore sections of single track. Then it was up into the hills for some tracks and trails. The kids were awesome! Their climbing and descending showing real grit and skill.


A speedy return to Slaithwaite alongside the canal (with further single track options) saw us all go our own separate ways. The small person wanted to ride all the way home, but his evil parents forced him to the chippy instead.

Thank you Stadium Riders for a very very enjoyable evening. Even the mention of ISDN / router / cabling conflicts can’t dampen this feeling.

Ginkgo_Girly @gillydukes

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