30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Hannah, Days 1-6

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I joined in with this 30 days of biking malarky last year, thinking it would be great – I’d play around on my bike and tell everybody how great everything is round here, explore some new routes, tell everyone about how great that was, and then everything would be great…

This year I am setting my sights a little lower: I will not fail to ride every day. I may well fail to make the rides remotely interesting, and I may not manage to ride very far, but I will ride. So far, this lowly aim is working out OK, and I have managed to ride every day, even though a couple of them have only been (literally – I live up a hill) down the road and back:

1 – a truly foul ride to work for an evening meeting. Hail, sleet, wind and rain. It was only 3km, but between the weather and the fact that none of my own bikes were functional so I was on Mr Fish’s bone shaking winter bike (now I know why he’s always trying to borrow my bike!), it was truly unpleasant. One moderately unpleasant meeting later, and my feet had just about dried out for the marginally less unpleasant ride home, whereupon I discovered the gears were stuck in the little ring on the rear cassette but I still managed haul myself half way up the Midgley Road and home.
2 – a ride to the post box. This time I was on my own bike, since my lovely new Hope seatpost clamp had arrived, so my bike had a saddle once more. Hope are based in Barnoldswick, and make excellent bike components in all kinds of pretty colours. Faced with an array of colour choices, I got all radical and went for black.
3 – Figured I ought to put a bit of an effort in, so went for a ride up Scout Road, along to Steep Lane (which is as the name suggests) and round past Little Valley Brewery to Cragg Vale. If I held my head just at the right angle, I found I could get my cap to stop any more rain getting onto my specs, while the wind would blow the existing rain off my specs, thereby restoring vision.
4 – Spurred on by the day before, I went back to the lanes above Scout Road towards Sowerby. There’s loads of little lanes and good steep hills, so I did hilly loops until my legs started to wobble and then, since the weather was rather lovely, I carried on meandering around the lovely quiet back roads. I even managed to remember and stop and take a photo.


The sun shining over there, but not on me.

5 – Having spent the day out cheering Mr Fish on round the Ronde Van Calderdale, I only just managed to pootle up and down the road outside the house to see if I’d managed to fix my mountain bike. I hadn’t.

Mr Fish conquering Trooper Lane

Mr Fish conquering Trooper Lane

6 – With another hot and sunny day ahead I got out early before all the mist burned off. Another couple of hills above Luddendenfoot and back by Scout Road, before heading home to SUNBATHE in a BIKINI in APRIL. Ha! Who needs a training camp in Majorca?

Proper Sunshine!

Proper Sunshine!

So, there you go. Days 1-6. I did tell you I wasn’t going to try and be interesting this year.

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  1. “The word on the street”😊

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