30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Day six, recovery day, and a bit of fettling.

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Oh, my legs.

Anyway, enough whining. Didn’t much feel like riding today, so more maintenance.

First was completing the rebuild of my old ‘cross bike. Emma’s ClifCross event is a real bike killer, so it was a full strip down, new bearings where needed, and a re-grease for everything else. I’d worn the rims down to nothing, so it was time for my spare set of wheels to go on, new cables, new bar tape, a pair of new chain rings and a pair of better fitting forks. I’d had to put on a second hand pair of forks after the handlebars came off in my hands last year, a rather scary moment.


I was on a roll, so I carried on building up one of my classic ’80’s bike, a mint condition Vitus 979. It looks finished, but there are a few little bits to fettle first. I lusted after one of these when I was a youth, but they were always well out of my meager price range back then.


Thirty days of biking, remember? I couldn’t let the sunshine go to waste, so I jumped on my other ‘cross bike for a quick blast. That was the plan, but my poor old legs were having non of it, so I had a slow grind instead.


Still daylight to waste, so I cleaned my mountain bike, and rebuild it’s back hub.


It’s back on the rickety turboprop to Aberdeen in the morning, so I only have some running about to look forward to for the next four days. Hoping for a trip out to the Llandegla Trail Center next Saturday…

Gary Jackson.

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