30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Day 4. Mostly shouting at people.

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Weekends for me generally involve a bit of coaching. Today it was the return of the Huddersfield Star Wheelers youths and adults to the closed cycle circuit at Hammerstones in Elland. This is a great facility; smooth tarmac with sweeping bends and best of all, only us lot on it.

A session plan was cobbled together over a late breakfast by my and Mr. Dukes and the small person was dispatched to a friends house. The aim of these club sessions is to challenge riders and to enable the learning of new skills and increase performance. So it’s not meant to be easy.


After a steady warm up it was straight into group riding; through and off and chain gang.


Next up was 5 sets of sprints followed by individual lap time trials. Then riders were paired with the fastest rider with the slowest (though there was little in it) for a 10 lap Maddison. They were all quite tired after this, a good solid hour and a half of riding at pace. So to finish we held ‘The Great Easter Egg Race’. A relay race where the batton was an egg. Amazing there was only one fatality.


Great group of riders, enjoying competitive riding with mixed strength levels. I hope everyone felt they gained from the session. Sorry to Louise who had a bad case of leg wobble, perhaps we should have a session learning to back off?


Next up was the junior Go Ride session. However in between this I nipped home to have a rapid snack and to find that my pet rat Rasta had died quietly in his sleep. His buddy rat Ratus was put to sleep only last week, so although very sad, I was happy Rasta wasn’t going to be lonely any more.


Kids session was great.  They always are. I am so impressed by their ability to learn and up the anti when encouraged. Setting parent against child is always a great way to get the youngest riders going. So parents in ‘gear 1’ (29ers be warned) to chase their respective child is a real winner. For me anyway.

Great day.

Ginkgo_Girly @gillydukes

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