30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Day 1 to today

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Well hello, writing is not usually my thing, never has been, so I shall climb days together!

Day 1, a day of head winds and tail winds to get my bike fixed…well one of them, the most temperamental one which gets used loads in summer and to race, had some good results this season on it…it is The X – always trouble this bike, soaks water like a sponge which knacks cables and then gears! This was a maintenance session of watching someone else fix ‘The X’!

Day 2, failure at 30 days of cycling! But I, yes you read that right, ‘I’ did fix my bike, well with a little help! Shrek my cx bike this time, broken at Clif Cross when my brakes ran out and my incompetence shone at not carrying spare pads or a tool to alter them!  But I did change the front ones twice! One to see if I could, and the second time – just cause I could!  Will be back to conquer Clif Cross – when the sun shines! Fitted in a bit of watching man fix bike again too on the rear brake – staged learning curve! and the ever temperamental, The X! I had washed it after yesterday’s maintenance and the gears did not like it! No time for riding 😦

Day 3, lurgy setting in, but still managed to play out for copious cups of tea and coffee at Trax HQ and test out my new brake pads on Shrek – they work! Keep forgetting to stop for pics though! Always somewhere to be!

Day 4, today, Saturday working – such a bad idea, must have been a mans! Shall get that knocked on the head quick. Did give the chance to tap out on yet another steed, the winter one – nameless due to pressure, but a Kinesis infamous for winter nonetheless. Still lurgyfied but gave me fresh air to and from work -got some more hats too, can’t be bad for steady away. Still no photos though…still more effort required there! Oh, near death experience too, thank goodness I am not a cat and I have more than nine lives, cause I lost another today – but somehow managed to stay calm and content cause the metal box driver waved to say sorry – that’s alright then 🙂

So, you must be fast asleep now having been bored reading my drivel, will stop there.

Till next time with photos… Yorkshire Elf x

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