30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Day Three, or, Day One for a late starter.

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It’s the third day and already I have failed. First excuse is I had forgotten about this until Emma messaged me on Wednesday with a gentle reminder. The second excuse presents a little bit more of a problem. As part of my increasingly jet set lifestyle I find myself commuting between Huddersfield and Aberdeen via Leeds/Bradford Airport, and my generous baggage allowance of 15kg does not leave much in the way of bicycle transportation, so for the first two days of this cycling challenge I found myself running around Duthie Park as some sort of penance for my cycling inability. However, I have now returned to the loving bosom of my family, and, more importantly, my bicycle collection.


First thing to do today is a rebuild of my much abused cyclocross bike, which has been languishing in it’s own filth in the back of my van, since the ClifCross event last Sunday. Five days of neglect has seen surface rust appearing on the chain already, plus all the bearings needed a looking at, so I’ve pulled it in bits. I’ll be needing some new rims as well, as the old ones are now very worn.

IMG_2113 (Small)

Anyway, this blog is meant to be about riding, so after the strip down and cleaning/regreasing I nipped out for a quick blast on one of my many other cycles, my single speed MTB. In the torrential rain.

IMG_2117 (Small) IMG_2118 (Small)

I love the riding purity of single speed, the simplicity of the machine, there are no excuses with this bike, you can either ride it, or not. The name single speed is not strictly true, people who ride these bikes know that they actually have three speeds; sit down, stand up and push. There was no pushing today.


Gary Jackson.



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