30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Why I didn’t ride my bike again – Hannah, Day 28 & 29

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I know I have already made a few excuses for not riding, but I am making another.  Actually, it’s less of an excuse, and more the case that I am gratuitously using this blog to say thank you.  Maybe some of the people to whom the thanks is directed will get to hear of it.  The rest of you get to look at Kid 1 looking rather sweet, but in a totally uncycling related bless her cotton socks way.

2014-04-29 12.03.14

Post-op brave face

2014-04-28 22.11.34

Late night stoic portrait

Yes, on what should have been Day 28, she broke her arm playing in the garden.  No, it’s not Kid 2 it A&E (as would be expected), it’s Kid 1.  She fell, she squealed, I asked her what she’d hurt, she said she’d broken her arm, I looked at the banana shaped arm and agreed with her diagnosis.

So off we drove to Calderdale Royal Infirmary and here my list of thanks begins: to the paramedics who helped her out the car with smiles on their faces, to all the A&E staff who ushered us from registration to xray and beyond without a minute of waiting, to the people who gave her painkillers, plastered her arm and brought me tea.  To every member of staff who was unfailingly cheerful, helpful, kind and sympathetic: thank you.

And then on – to Huddersfield for an overnight stay and surgery in the morning.  Again – friendly staff who remained friendly right through the night.  Confident, clear advice and question answering.  Sympathetic staff from cleaners to consultants.  Not once did Kid 1 feel frightened or upset by what was happening to her.  In exactly 24 hours she had fallen, gone to two hospitals, undergone surgery under a general anaesthetic, had pins and wires put in her arm, and made it back home to the sofa.  A painful experience for Kid 1, but not the painful ordeal it might have been.  She’s got plenty of healing to do, and with a bunch of metalwork in her arm there’s more treatment to go, but the treatment we’ve had so far couldn’t have been better.

To everyone who crossed our path in the last 24 hours, thank you.

I may be a little tired and emotional, but if you have to have an unpleasant injury, the South Pennines is not such a bad place to do it!

And just so this post has a very tenuous cycling link – once she came round Kid 1 said ‘look at my new cycling glove!’.  I like the way her mind works 🙂2014-04-29 14.04.05

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