30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

On the buses (Day 25)

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This morning my legs ached, the ache that I get after a race and whilst unpleasant it’s a good thing, showing yesterday’s ride was a solid effort. Therefore today was a quick lunchtime ‘cross ride on the flat.

At Luddendenfoot, where Route 66 joins the local road, the car park was packed full of vintage buses including one that caught my eye, HTJ522B a red Lancashire United bus exactly like the ones I knew as a kid.

I got chatting to it’s owner who told me that No. 167 was from a depot up the road from where I grew up in 70’s Wigan. That very bus probably took me an my Mum up and down the hill for our regular shopping trips but it’s now used for weddings and part of the Mersey and Calder Bus Preservation Group’s collection.

It’s amazing what you get to see on the bike if you keep your eyes open!


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