30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 22 Widdop – will I ever get there?

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Today I didn’t cycle to work as I was too depressed, it being my first day back to work after my holidays. This was a nonsensical decision as I am certain it would have cheered me up, but at the time I was too depressed to realise this. Having got to work I find my inbox filled with emails from ride leaders eager to get their rides into this year’s South Pennines Walk & Ride Festival in September. For example someone has submitted a “women only 30 mile hilly ride to Oxenhope, Stanbury and Widdop Moors before coming home to Hebden by Heptonstall.” This sounds like a glorious route but my body flinches at the word “hilly” and I start pondering whether I will ever be fit and able enough to do such a ride. From here my thoughts wander to the legacy and sustainability (‘Twenty Twelve’ fans please giggle here) of the 30 Days of Biking idea. Soon my 30 days will be up and what then?

The trouble with holidays is that they’re exhausting. The trouble with cycling is that it’s equally exhausting (in my view). The trouble with doing anything for 30 days, whether it be your most loved chosen hobby, sport or habit of eating Lottie Shaw’s Cherry and Almond Flapjack at 11am every day, it’s all exhausting, both in terms of your time and your physical ability to pack everything into a day and still earn some cash. Ipso facto I am exhausted. At the same time I realise that cycling is good for me – my chiropractor tells me so, the bathroom scales also tell me so (although its marginal, but that’s Lottie Shaw’s fault, not mine) and my knees, by virtue of the fact they no longer click, also tell me so. When I read my blog back it makes me smile because I have really enjoyed my 21 days to date. There has been exhilaration and hilarity in equal measure.  So why then am I looking forward to the 30th so much?

It’s the time thing – I swear I have much less of this commodity than anyone else, particularly my fellow bloggers. I must have, because they all seem to achieve so much whilst I flounder about with my little trips up to the dung heap at the end of Thorney Lane and back. I simply must therefore, if I am to keep this cycling thing going, integrate my riding into my everyday life. I must, in short, cycle to work. 


Beautiful Widdop – one of my favourite places in the South Pennines 


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