30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Big game hunting in the rain (Day 22)

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There’s a big bike race coming to these parts in the summer and to celebrate those hipsters at Rapha have teamed up with Broughton Hall (the venue for the last two years of Supercross) for Rapha Tempest, a weekend of all things cycling in a stately setting close to the first two stages of Le Grande Boucle.

As part of spreading the word, Rapha Tempest created the #TempestTag a sort of photographic cycle chain, starting at the gates of Broughton Hall. The concept is simple, you find the latest locational clue, photograph your bike there and you then get to pick the next. For your trouble, a special Rapha Tempest cap.

I saw yesterday evening that the latest clue was the Elephant mural which adorns the ugly brick building at the very top of Cock Hill north of Hebden. In driving wind and rain I set off in my lunch hour, slogging it up the sinuous climb to photograph my bike in a soggy attempt to lay claim.


Returning over the moors I dropped into the valley and set off to my next ‘secret’ location to again document my bike so I could pass the photographic baton on. I posted my ‘evidence’ as soon as I returned and within an hour or so had confirmation that I’d won this stage. Chapeau (literally)!

Here’s the next official location, but be quick, photograph your bike and let @TempestFest know via Twitter.


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