30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Virtually car free (Day 15)

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I’m fortunate to have ridden in some spectacular places around the world, but the places I love the most are the ones where you get roads that are free of cars, roads where it’s just you, the bike and whatever nature surrounds.

With a glorious blue sky tempting me out well before 10am I headed off up the hill to Heptonstall with its cobbled main street, then out onto the moors to Widdop and beyond. For the ten miles or so from the top of Hebden Bridge to Lane Bottom over the ‘other side of the hill’ I only encountered two vehicles, one car overtaking, another passing.


It was a glorious fifty minutes of constant climbing and descending, soaking up the views, enjoying the sound of tyres on the road, birds overhead and water running off the fells – silence was all around. I’ve ridden in northern Skye and the remotest parts of Harris, my two all time favourite locations, but today’s ride almost equals them for serenity and beauty. Hats off to the South Pennines!


Reaching civilisation I skirted back through Briercliffe and Worsthorne before following the Long Causeway back towards Blackshaw Head, passing the multiplying windmills en-route, then dropping back into the valley.

In total, just shy of two hours in the saddle, a very memorable ride marking the midway point of #30daysofbiking.


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