30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Ruth Diary of a Novice : Day 19 Back in a Big Fat Saddle

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Today I didn’t cycle to work as I’m in Krakow and its Saturday. Instead I hired a tandem at the bargain price of 20 zloty an hour and set off in the wrong direction. I know it was the wrong direction because we didn’t get anywhere nice, whereas when we turned round and went the other way, it was much better. Having got somewhere nice, we then came back, so spending most of our Saturday on a bike. 

Cycling a tandem requires coordinated team work with a cooperative partner I soon discovered, but I was with a teenager. At first I managed to convince him that I had the power and that he had to pedal when I peddled. This ploy was successful until he realised it wasn’t true, and then it was my legs that were flailing about all over the place.  He also discovered that if he pedalled really hard, we went really fast which was not what I wanted to do at all, but is what we ended up doing a lot. This combined with some dubious steering, dodgy balance and far too much giggling meant that our journey was a little discontinuous. 

Krakow strikes me as a brilliant place to cycle as its mostly flat, has a lovely garden area all around the city where you can cycle and play ‘dodge that child’ (tricky on a tandem) and a splendid cycle route along the river which takes you (us) to an otherwise inaccessible Pizza Hut past a dead pig in the river. Without these delights, my trip to Krakow would not have been complete. So once again 30 days of biking has opened new doors to new experiences in new places and….oh my god….I’ve just realised it was my son behind me on the tandem….my son who can’t ride a bike…RESULT!!!!!

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