30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Lucky? You’re not kidding

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Well, #30daysofbiking, part two, turned out a lot better than part one.

No days off, no excuses; the pedals have been turned every day.

There have been very short rides, very slow rides, quite fast – for me – rides and one leg-breaking Bank Holiday epic.

And while it seems very, very British to talk about the weather again, I can’t think I’m the only bike rider who has the BBC forecast web page on my favourites list.

Instead of fighting with common sense and conscience to get myself out of the door in the rain/fog/snow, a little bit of sunshine turns the tables completely.

And given that we’re talking about Yorkshire in the run up to Easter, when you get a copper-bottomed guarantee the sky is going to be blue, you damn well make the most of it.

So plans were laid for a glorious Good Friday, which would actually be renamed Great Friday if they all turned out like this one.

A hundred mile plus circuit round the Yorkshire Dales – the furthest I have ridden in one hit for a few years – capped off by a sharks-teeth route home through the South Pennines, was conducted under a cloudless blue sky, with even the usual gale notable only by its absence.

Perfect is an overused word, but it’s difficult to think of a better one to describe that cocktail of endorphin-laden fatigue, utter peace of mind and slight sun burn you experience after a big day out.

Twice – once as I descended towards the hundreds of cars jammed into Malham and again as I dropped into the honey pot of Hebden Bridge, choked with late afternoon Bank Holiday traffic – I was reminded how lucky we are as cyclists to be able to experience that drugged-up state of mind and body.

People don’t know what they’re missing.

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