30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Riding ‘cos you can (Day 11)

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I’ve been officially diagnosed with ‘bum-leg’!

Being a Cheshire flatlander, it was a bit of shock moving to the South Pennines with its ups and downs and more ups and downs, completely unlike what I was used to previously, flat flatness and added lack of hills.

A few weeks ago I rode Doghouse Lane in Todmorden for the first time as part of a recce for the punishing Tod Loops Audax. Forgetting that I still had a ‘Cheshire cassette’ on the bike, I was ill equipped for the testing climb. Part way up I felt a pop in my calf but, being the brave little soldier that I am, I ignored it and carried on, week after week, after week.

Unlike other sprains and strains I’ve had over the years it didn’t fix itself so I went to see our super friendly local practitioner, Mills Physio. I had indeed damaged my calf (itself a bit underdeveloped but that’s another story) which has in turn led to tightness in my thigh and buttocks, or as I call it, ‘bum-leg’. After some manipulation and careful stretching things thankfully eased up.


Today’s tea-time ride along the Rochdale canal was reminder that it’s good to ride just because you can. Ailments and injuries can easily scupper plans and the body is a fragile thing. I need to take care now and get into the habit of stretching after every ride and do some planned off-bike rehab.

p.s. got hissed at and chased by an angry goose!

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