30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Learning to love the little ring (Day 12)

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‘Bum-leg’ was still giving me some jip when I woke this morning, so I decided it was best to take today’s two hours slow and steady.

For weeks I’ve been building my hill strength pushing harder gears, but today it was all about spinning in little ring, staying in the saddle and just taking it easy.

The first few miles out through Todmorden and onto Litteborough weren’t too pleasant but by the time I reached Hollingworth Lake, with its bizarre seaside feel, things were improving.


I took it carefully up Blackstone Edge enjoying the scenery and the fast descent down towards Ripp0nden. It was short lived though, as I was literally stopped in my tracks near Battlings Bridge when the Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed in the road just in front to recover an unfortunate motorcyclist who’d lost it on the ‘s’ bends, hopefully he’s OK.

The ride was nice and sedate and the worrisome leg felt fine a full set of stretches the minute I got home.

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