30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Worn out Wednesday – Hannah, Day 9

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Not only did I do a little 10km ride yesterday, but I also went for my first run in a long while. I run with Calder Valley Fell Runners, whose club runs are on a Tuesday night from Mytholmroyd Community Centre. Not having been down for ages, and it being the first daylight run I’ve had this year, I went a bit further and faster than I might otherwise have done, distracted from aching bits by weeks worth of catch up chat. Then I went to the pub, in my damp and muddy running kit, chatted some more, got cold and stiff, walked home, stayed up too late, and then got woken up in the night by an apparently poorly child (though he seems fine today, so maybe he’d just been buried under his duvet, and didn’t have a temperature after all).

All of this means that today I am very tired, my legs hurt generally, and my left knee is a bit worryingly painful. So today’s ride was painful – the school run with the bike trailer packed with two children. We live half way up a steep hill, school is up another hill. Ouch. But nevertheless my ride for the day is done. I think I might retire to the sofa for a little nap now.

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