30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 8 – Walking


I rode to work today, but unfortunately I arrived just in time to go home. I feel if I keep up this sort of timekeeping my work life balance will start tilting in the right direction.

But I am feeling serious. Possibly a little grumpy.

To the two cyclists who went past me today as I was walking up a hill with my bike and said “you should be riding it” – shame on you. This, whether meant in jest or in gravity, is just something that should not be said. You would not take up jogging and run a 5 mile route in your first week. You wouldn’t do a 60 minute dive in your first week either without the highly probable risk of running out of air and thus never doing it again. Never doing anything again in fact.

Of course, as another person said when they stopped in their car (they’ve all been at it today – must be let’s-go-out-and-knock-Ruth’s-confidence-day), inability to triumph at the peak of a tricky incline is all in the mind. I know this, I know that if I really applied myself that I’d get there, but my mind is weak and my muscles are flabby. Life is such a challenge in so many areas – why should I have to challenge myself in my leisure time? Maybe that’s why I dive – to just float, to switch off and be in a cocoon where no one can hassle me and I can just play with the fish. 

So here is my advice for various ways of walking up hills;

  1. Walk with your head held high, oblivious to unkind people who might pass. Joggers are advised to walk for 2 minutes, run for another 2 when they start. Why not with cycling if that’s what you want to do? Basically it is just great to be out, to be active, to be addressing health issues at your own pace. Tomorrow you will make it that little bit further up the hill and have to walk less.
  2. Walk slowly looking at your bike and tutting a lot, particularly at the chain area, shrugging and generally shaking your head. This will not fool the majority of cyclists, but may fool people in cars who might be making rude comments about your inability to cope with an incline.
  3. Limp in a tragically Olympian way.

 Nowt wrong with a bit of walking….

2 thoughts on “Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 8 – Walking

  1. Keep it up Ruth, I’m willing you all the way and full of awe of your dedication. Are you cycling up to the Farne Islands this weekend? Looking forward to diving with you.

  2. Keep it up Ruth, you’re doing brilliantly. I can’t even imagine walking up the hill to your house, let alone cycling!! X

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