30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Reluctant Outing- Hannah, Day 8

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I headed out for the school run with the road bike in the back of the car with good intentions about going for a ride. And then it rained, and it was very cold, and I discovered I’d left my shoes in the garage, so then I went home, and I was still cold so I kept my hat and coat on and put the heating on, and then the housework began to take on a surprising appeal. But then I figured out that if I didn’t go then, it was going to require me dragging myself and Kid 2 out in the cold and wet – and that would mean even more laundry to do. So, in a moment when the rain had stopped, I dashed out on the pimped hybrid.

Suddenly I was warm – the pedal up the Midgley Road had warmed me up faster than the central heating ever could – and the sun was still shining. There was a tailwind. The fields were lush and green, the wagtails were yellow. All was well with the world. I pedalled on along a bridleway, until I found the path I was hoping to ride up. Looking at it, I realised I was probably not going to be able to ride up it, but then bloody mindedness took hold and I thought I’d have a go. I rode a bit, walked a bit, rode a bit more, and eventually admitted defeat and rode back down the way I had come.

I don’t mind the stony track type stuff, but the slippery moorland paths are quite terrifying on the pimped hybrid. It has rim brakes, so the gritty mud dramatically reduces stopping power and makes a horrible noise that I know is my rims being worn away. How long before that noise stops with a catastrophic bang as my rims give way? The lack of control took me through a puddle I’d earlier walked round. Proving to be deeper that in looked and I was glad to come out the other side without going over my handlebars. Back on the stony track, I headed past some rather pretty sheep to get home after 10km and no rain. Well worth heading out for.

No pictures today – my phone is broken and won’t connect to my computer. Shame, as the fields were really lush and green. You’ll just have to head out and see them for yourselves.

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