30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 5

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Today I feel part of something huge, and it’s a great feeling.

Got out of bed, grabbed my bike, whizzed down the hill with a hangover, fought my way through a gaggle of hormonal geese on the canal towpath, arrived in Mytholmroyd coolly mud spattered and joined the throngs of walkers and cyclists behind the strangest sight in the valley, possibly the UK, or even the world – a grand piano being played and pulled by a posse of cyclists up the Crag Vale incline.  Fabulous!

Image Image

We all owned the road as we cycled up behind them towards the Robin Hood (awesome pub), where Best Bitter flowed and the street partied. Cracking day – congratulations to the good folk of the Calder Valley who designed the contraption (Andy Plant I do believe), the wonderfully talented musicians (led by Dave Nelson I do believe) and last but not least the amazing team of cyclists who worked so hard to pull the whole thing off, if you’ll pardon the pun. As my mate said as we staggered back down the hill, a little worse for wear “its reet good living round ere innit”.

Image Image

In other news – I also cycled to Hebden once the Best effect had worn off, had my bottom measured by the lovely Alan at Blazing Saddles and purchased some padding for my increasingly sore derriere. I am slightly worried now that I look like I have udders, but I suppose it will do the trick…..unless of course I turn them inside out?



Alan and his bottom measuring machine

Anyhow – bring on the biggest party on the planet – can’t wait for TDF 2014.

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