30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 4

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Today I worked from home. This made cycling to work pretty much impossible and slightly pointless. It would have involved cycling down the stairs and I am not up for stunt biking just yet. I therefore had to try and fit a ride in between ignoring the housework and actually working, and cracking open that first alcoholic drink which signifies (for me) that the weekend has begun.

Today I am pondering how good cycling is for me physically, having established yesterday that it is going to be beneficial for my overly-active stress levels. Earlier in the week my chiropractor said that my legs were finally the same length. This is joyous news as I have apparently been lopsided for a while now. She has transformed me into a non-wobbling structure by doing funny things to me on a very uncomfortable and narrow bed. When she’s finished with me I am going to thank her by buying her a much more comfortable bed from Russell Dean in Mytholmroyd (http://www.rdean.org.uk/) as I am sure all her clients would prefer something a bit wider and softer, perhaps with a duvet.  Anyhow, she says that cycling will be good for me as it will open up my wotsits at the bottom of my spine and its these wotsits that are troubling me apparently. And she’s right – every time I go out on my bike, my back pain lessens. Miracle! I am also wondering if cycling will enable me to lose some calories, but I think to do that I must stop eating family sized bags of salt n vinegar chipsticks when I get back from a very short ride.

So sorry, but today I did the same local ride, but got a little bit further, got up the hills (mild inclines)  without stopping, did the down bits a little bit faster and enjoyed myself just a weeny bit more. That is after all how you get into a sport isn’t it – keep at it at a modest pace, build it up, learn, experiment, become brilliant. It will only be a matter of time before I am biking down the stairs to work.

Have a great weekend. I am going to watch mad cyclists pull a Grand Piano up a hill – not something you see every day:  http://festival.yorkshire.com/events/the-grand-departs  


One thought on “Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 4

  1. Ruth you are hilarious! Absolutely delighted that you are enjoying the cycling and whole heartedly want to encourage you to continue.
    You are right that cycling downstairs is a challenge and not for the novice but one day…..

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