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Spending a penny (Day 3)

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Today was going to be a real challenge, far from home in Birmingham, no apparent means of squeezing any sort of ride in.

I’ve been considering getting a Brompton for some time, primarily for riding to and from the various railway stations I frequent but to also give me a ride when I’m away from home, here and abroad.

Some diligent research revealed that Evans in Birmingham stocked these fold-ups and I already knew that they were happy to do test rides.

A plan was hatched.


With drizzle filling the rush hour air I sauntered into the store, ignored the shiny road bikes and focused on the colourful row of commuter machines. After a quick chat about specifications I found myself paying a single penny to secure a test ride.

Round and round Birmingham’s grid of city streets I rode the bike’s small but ample tyres soaking up the bumps. With its low centre of gravity the handling took some getting used to but I was soon flinging it round the corners and grinding up the hills.

Clearly it’s not a road or CX bike but in those fifteen minutes it didn’t feel a million mikes away, unlike others I’ve ridden. The Brompton is a well engineered bike and a trusted British brand, my commute across London yesterday illustrating just how popular they are.

A quick phone call after I handed it back verified that I could get one on the Cycle 2 Work scheme – perhaps I’ll soon be able to ride whenever or wherever I am!

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