30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 3


Got brain freeze again today. I should have taken Hannah’s advice and invested 3 hours of my time in Springfield Camping (awesome shop http://www.springfield-camping.co.uk/) to watch the video of how to wear a buff, but I went commando and now I am going to have to go to an evening meeting with a permanent grimace of pain on my face until I defrost.

Cycling was wonderful today though. I woke up grumpy, went to work stressed, got home screaming because the cat had used my recently deceased mother’s persian rug as a toilet for the second day running …..and then I got my bike out.

People in little metal boxes look strangely constrained, imprisoned almost as they whiz past me. Not for them the smell of the steaming dung heap at the end of Thorny Lane, nor the tweet of birds, nor the gurgle of the stream. They don’t taste the wind or feel the different textures of the earth. I saw two curlew today – they always make me cry – they are stunning birds. To be honest most nature sightings of this sort make me cry and move me in a much more fluid way than my cycling does. My dive buddy recently said he liked diving with me because I was so calm under water – what he doesn’t realise is that most of the time I‘m going slowly because  I am blinded by a mask full of salt water tears and I’m silently sobbing  into my regulators (difficult – try it!) just because I’ve had some incredible encounter with a common crab.

So cycling is good for my mental health – that much has become obvious even on day 3. It is exhilarating to get out into our beautiful South Pennine landscape and Luddenden Dean is a classic example of one of our secluded gems, so close and yet so hidden. I have to say though that even on day 3 with such short rides my seating area is beginning to feel a little tender. I have been offered a peculiarly sounding “gel” seat, but am fearful that if it contains gelatine I will have to give it a miss due to vegetarian principles. I have heard Tenna Lady is good padding for a lady of my age, but I think perhaps I will pop into Blazing Saddles to talk to the young chaps there about it all and see if I can make them blush.

Nearly the weekend… yippeee!


6 thoughts on “Ruth’s Diary of a Novice : Day 3

  1. Roothie….you need a buff for ears and padded cycling trousers for your bottom!!
    Then you will be sorted……hope you are aiming for a long ride at weekend x

  2. they have a bottom measurer in blazing saddles. mine came up wide 🙂 i recommend a ‘cut out’ in your saddle if it’s the ‘soft tissue’ that hurts. although without mudguards it can be a tad refreshing on rainy rides!

  3. Love this Ruth – you’re a natural blogger 🙂

    • They don’t get a measuring tape out – there’s sort of special cushion that tells you where your sit bones are. but after doing a long ride on my husband’s saddle I wouldn’t have cared what they had told me was required to improve comfort!

  4. I am NOT having my bottom measured in a shop!!! NOT NOT NOT

  5. Ruth, you have got to buy a gender specific saddle and a pair of cycling shorts, you are suffering from what we call ‘Smash’ ooh poor you. Also get the boys in Blazing Saddles to check your forwards reach if you are leaning too far forward that adds extra pressure right where you don’t need it. Keep going, your backside will be as tough as old boots soon!!!

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