30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

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Ruth’s Diary of a novice in 30 Days of Biking : day 2

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I sprang from my bed this morning, eager to cycle to work, only to find that I’d forgotten to bring my bike home. I guess this is the equivalent of trying to go diving without a tank of air – not something scuba enthusiasts would really recommend (unless you’re a free diver of course, but they’re all fish). So my plan to integrate cycling within my daily life rather than do it as something additional has been slightly scuppered today. If I was in school I think my teacher would say “try harder” (which they did say a lot when I was in school, and they’re still saying it now I’m a parent). Of course diving without a tank of air would be far more fatal than trying to ride without a bike – if you’re riding without a bike I guess you’re basically walking whilst diving without a tank is basically drowning.

Am also still having problems with my widgety thing. The rather wonderous Blazing Saddles (http://blazingsaddles.co.uk/) didn’t have the right screwy thing to go on the end of my pump, but helpful as ever, they will get me one by the weekend. I have to say that these guys and the Cycle:Recycle folk have been nothing but supportive, helpful and encouraging every time I have gone in to service my new vehicle, buy bling for it (lovely flashy sparkly lights), enquire about widgety things or simply gaze at the padded lycra items on show. As a gateway to their sport, this sort of service is essential for novices. Entering a new sport can be terrifying – I remember entering my first dive shop and scuttling in terror across to the snorkels because it was the only piece of kit I recognised.

So, having not ridden to work or during my lunch break (what’s one of those?), I set off this evening to Castle Carr in the wind and rain. Whilst cycling I realised the following about my new chosen form of transport;

  • It is much easier to stop halfway up a hill on a bike and fiddle with something knowledgeably than it is when you are in a car
  • Bikes don’t have seat belts. I think these should be mandatory as its very scary going down hill
  • My hat has holes in it – this is silly – my hair got wet in little diamond shapes all over my head
  • I got brain freeze – by the time I got home I felt like I’d eaten a tub of ice-cream with a soup ladle.

But hey – its only day 2. My friend has just bought me a book called “Heels on Wheels – A Lady’s Guide to Owning and Riding a bike”. I’m searching for the chapter on sensible brain warmers……


Not sure if I’ve got the pedalling thing quite right?

One thought on “Ruth’s Diary of a novice in 30 Days of Biking : day 2

  1. i recommend a buff for the prevention of brain freeze. it can also be adjusted to keep ears warm but the top of the head cool – handy going up hill on windy days. you can get one in blazing saddles, or springfield camping, where they also have a 3 hour video showing different possible ways to wear it.

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