30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Me and Boris (Day 2)

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A work trip ‘down sarf’ needed some creativity in order to maintain the ’30 days’ momentum. So, arriving at a sunny Kings Cross station, I hot footed it across the road and undocked one of Boris’ London hire bikes.


With soft tyres and a wobbly headset I set off towards Waterloo dodging cavernous potholes, maniac buses and sea of the capital’s finest cyclists – riders far more versed in the lawless London highways than I could ever be.

With just 3 Sturmey Archer gears for company the bike was leaden to say the least, not helped by my rucksack packed with laptop, a change of work clothes and running gear. ‘Accelerating’ from the endless sets of traffic lights involved a complex ballet of pedalling hard, twisting through the triplex of gears whilst holding my line in a turbulent sea of selfish traffic.

Chuffed that my mental map was accurate I swung off the Waterloo Bridge, final destination in sight. I docked my blue stead, thankful I didn’t have to ride one everyday and ambled onto my third train of the morning.

It was only two and a half miles, but it was another day of very different riding, riding that reminded me of how very lucky we are in the South Pennines with our quiet roads, clean air and glorious countryside!

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