30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Hannah – Day 1

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It seems every cycling magazine I’ve ever picked up includes some sort of ‘What’s your cycle style?’ article. Sartorial Commuter Chic? (if you’ve seen my wardrobe, you’ll know this is definitely not me). Rad Mountainbiker Babe? (not me either, I’m not sure even my husband calls me Babe). MAMIL? (now I suppose I could be a Middle-Aged Mummy In Lycra, but the M in the middle usually stands for Man, and I’m definitely not one of those).

No, I think my cycle style is ‘Yes, OK I’ll Give That A Go’ or ‘Hmm, I Wonder If I Can Do That?’. So, here I am, in another ‘YOIGTAG’ moment, setting out to ride every day for 30 days. This morning was nice and easy to get out – the weather was damp and misty but mild, and I had 3 glorious child free hours to fill with a ride.

After a winter of determinedly riding my road bike out in wet weather only to end up thoroughly cold and unhappy, I have decided that the road is for dry weather, and wet weather calls for me to embrace the mud and head off road. The only slight catch with this is that I don’t actually have an off road bike. I’m hoping to buy a real mountain bike at some point in the fairly near future, but for now I am either riding my ‘pimped hybrid’ (a Cycle ReCycle hybrid with cyclocross tyres) or anything I can borrow off friends.

20140401_093336[1]This morning I took the pimped hybrid for a little tour of the bridleways under Stoodley Pike, past Lumb Bank, up to Heptonstall (quite pleased with getting up a big hill here) and (in another moment of Hmm I Wonder If I Can Do That) down the bridleway to the Blue Pig pub at Midgehole. I confess that I did have to push my bike over a couple of ‘drop offs’ (at least when you’re on a pimped hybrid that’s what they look like, I suppose they could just be big steps), so I have now found a trail that is beyond me and the pimped hybrid. It was still quite exciting getting down it, but I’m going to have to get all the way down without stopping…the Blue Pig trail and I have unfinished business…


There was just time left to pay a visit to Lucy from Victor & Liberty for a spot of bike related shopping, and a rather exciting little loan. Purchases were a lovely print from Block Culture, and some very practical Purple Harry bike floss (I am a bit obsessed with bike cleaning). Lucy is just in the process of setting up an office space in Top Lands Business Park in Cragg Vale – once she’s sorted you’ll be able to go along and look at all the lovely things, try stuff on, and collect your online orders if you don’t want to wait for the postman.20140401_140350[1]

And the loan? Well, I’m not done with that Blue Pig trail yet – Lucy has loaned me her full suspension mountain bike (which is apparently like riding a magic carpet) for a little play this week. If you don’t hear from me again after day 1, you’ll know it all went a bit wrong.

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