30 Days of Biking in the South Pennines

Joining in the fun with #30daysofbiking

Neil’s Day 14

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OK, so I’m not the most prolific blogger on here but rest assured the pedalling bit has been prolific over the last 2 weeks clocking up nearly 180 miles and 15,000ft on the mtb (don’t you just love Strava!). We were supposed to be heading to a trail centre today but circumstances changed and we ended up local. We set off on a beautiful, warm and sunny morning from Copley, heading up to Southowram, down to Brighouse, up to Ainley Top, down to Elland, over to Holywell Green and West Vale, through North Dean Woods and back to Copley. I’d forgotten how great the riding was round this area, some great descents, technical climbs and wow views over the lower valley! One word … wind … and a wild wind at that, was completely stopped in my tracks at one point, unable to force the pedals round due to the resistance of the wind! Following yesterday’s rain everything is churned up and very little grip was to be found under the trees which caused a few bum twitchy moments! Still, this picture of my buddy Keith sums up the joy of cycling today, we thrive on whatever nature throws at us and enjoy how the seasons change the trail we love.IMG_2622IMG_2624

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